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Spiritual teacher or a saint?

It is a fact that other people write history for strangers. For everyone who is awakened and a spiritual teacher “needs” a story and through it the spiritual teacher is made a holy person he is not!

Because I’ m not holy and I don’t want to be,
I will not leave my story to the foreign pen and write it myself here.

The story of my spiritual life

Hello! I’m Amir.

Spiritual Teacher

and that's my story

I am a spiritually awakened person (not an enlightened spiritual master!) who decided to work as a spiritual teacher.

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I am a spiritually awakened person (not an enlightened spiritual master!) who decided to work as a spiritual teacher.

The focus of my work has its own terminology and I am here to break your thought patterns and free you from the shackles. To stimulate your spiritual development and keep it moving.

My job is to remind you only of what you are. I do this through conversation, satsang (meeting with or in truth) and thanks to today’s modern technology and possibilities also through Skype conversations.

Through the way I communicate with you, your world-consciousness changes in such a way that over time more and more truth can be embodied and lived by yourself. That you can live more out of what you really are, multi-dimensional beings of the inexhaustible universal love.

My awakening was an independent process, so I come neither from an Eastern tradition nor from a teacher relationship.

The great urge for something I didn’t know, yet knew that it had to be there, showed itself very early in my childhood and became stronger and stronger in my youth.
When I was 21 years old, I was still looking for something that I could not describe, something that I just felt.
At that time I married the woman with whom I am still in a happy marriage today. She was the one who showed me the first way. She said to me at the time that I could start with yoga and see what happened.

After some time I had yoga behind me. I went into deep and long meditations, got involved with inner and outer constructs and tried to unknot them.

The more I tried, the weaker I got.

I found the solution in alcohol. Alcohol was the only solution to escape for some time from the “crazy” world and the people who thought I was crazy.
For many years alcohol was my daily companion and “helped” me to lose all self-confidence and self-esteem.
The foreseeable consequence was depression and the negative thoughts developed their own uncontrollable dynamics.

The first panic attack came. After six weeks came the second panic attack and with it a period of life which was equal to death.
I was lying in a darkened room in the apartment for over a year! I only got up when I had to go to the bathroom. I lay in this room for over a year and my wife took care of me.
Every little noise triggered a panic attack.

After that year I started taking antidepressants and to calm down I became prescribed Valium.
After years of severe drug addiction, two therapies and a 5-month stay in a day clinic, I realized that I was at the same point as when I was 21 years old. I was on a losing position and one thing was for sure: Either something would change or I would have to leave this body at a very young age.

The rebound from the ground upwards began with an encounter with the Archangel Gabriel.

His appearance was soothing, his voice gentle and the message of his words clear and non-negotiable: alcohol and death or no alcohol and life.
I stopped drinking from one day to the next.
I made an education as a meditation teacher for the active meditations of Osho and started to find myself again.

I was finally satisfied with what I had achieved. As far as spiritual development was concerned, I had no more special wishes.

However everything should come differently than I could have imagined at that time.

I was woken in the night and while I felt that my body was still sleeping peacefully in bed, I was invited on a journey. In other words, I was taken on the journey.

All I can remember is that from one moment to the next I was in a place I didn’t know, but it still seemed familiar to me.
I was being accompanied by someone who seemed to have an important role in the whole thing.
The same person showed me with a gesture that I should go forward.
A loving voice invited me to take a seat on the right side. I sat on my knees and could see a person next to me without seeing a face.

It was all so peaceful, a feeling filled my whole being and I cannot even describe this feeling in words. I can remember a bright light that I could not look into because that person (I guess the form of the appearance was adapted to my earthly understanding) was sitting in front of it. I also remember the feeling that if I looked into that light I would go blind.

What remained is that the person put his right hand on my right knee and said to me, “You don’t have to do anything. Practice daily in thankfulness that’s all you need”.

The next morning, I woke up. I was still the Amir, but something was different.

There was one question open to me to which I had no answer.

I asked myself, “Amir, have you been awake all this time or have you been awakened in this night?”

This question seems a little strange at first view. But the fact that I had started to help other people 25 years before the encounter with God made me think.

The sentence “You don’t have to do anything” echoed again and again in my ears.
I still don’t have an answer to my question.

All I’ve got is a guess: I’ve been awake all this time. I didn’t want to or couldn’t accept that. And that’s exactly what triggered the hard times in my life and not the other way around.

Many questions occupied me at that time.
Over time, I’ve learned that I don’t need an answer to everything.
I have an answer to almost everything without knowing where it comes from and I cannot repeat it.

Today I am very thankful for the encounter with the Archangel Gabriel and God who made me an awakened man.