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Can I help you, too?

Can I help you, too?

It is time for, to creating a new human being and to replace the unconscious, vegetating Homo Sapiens!

Be also part of it and let us together carry a new consciousness into the world.

Politicians divide you into US Americans, Germans, Russians.
Religion divides you into Muslims, Christians, Buddhists.
Science separates you from monkeys by genes.

The human has left a bloody trace in existence. First of all he killed everything that stood in his way and then he started killing each other.

Everyone has their faith with which they identify. One with God in different forms and names, the other in materialism and the third in spirituality. And yet only a very few of you are religious.

You can’t do anything about it, it was prescribed to you by the religions and was lived out for you so by the society.
You’ve been taught that you can always be one or the other.

I want that you recognize, experience and become a man who is neither the one nor the other.
A man who is both and everything.
A man who is not a German, Thai, Muslim, Christian, white or black.
A man who is only a man, no more and no less.
A man who lives the life in its entirety.

Many people find little taste in my open words because I rob them of their illusions.

But the truth always hurts!

– Amir

And as more people reach my message, the higher is the probability that more and more people will start to detach themselves from the chains and enslavement and take part in the emergence of the new. – Amir

Spirituality is not a science!

You don’t need quantum physics for spirituality to divide the river.
All you have to do is only to learn how to swim and you can cross the river.

Amir Hoso Spirital Teacher

The humans always chooses the most complicated way to reach its goal. But spirituality has no goals. Spirituality happens in the here and now.
That is why I say to you at this point: Do not make a science out of spirituality!

Spirituality is life pure, it is life in its purest and highest form.
Life in itself is a dance and those who do not learn to dance they do not really live. Without this dance, the body is just an empty cover.
Everyone came into the world spiritually and enlightened.

What you need is someone to show you and remind you who you really are, a multi-dimensional being that is flooded with light and infinite love. – Amir

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Barbara from Austria

Barbara, Austria

"Dear Armir! I've met some wannabe gurus before! You're the one and only teacher to me! You're living your calling! You help people, give them new courage! Without exploiting people! To me you are the living Osho of our time!"

Sylvia from USA

Sylvia, USA

"Yes 👍, this is the voice you carry. This drives me. Long ago you were independent voice and you still are. As God's Trumpet. You are needed more than you allow yourself to understand.!"

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